Jun 8, 2006


U can get hit by a truck, train, or tsunami... but nothing hits harder than the truths of life! Whack!

My horo said i'd hv a horrid time between 22May and 12Jun with no clarity of thot or happiness. During my first week in B'lore, I was totally livin it up and thot horoscopes wr a load of crap after all. Then Whack! Ive run out of cash and my credit card dues r up to an astronomical 80k. Ive ordered a bike that hasnt arrived and Ive realized my license is valid only for driving cars (!?!) Ive got a TV but no cable connection yet and the world cup begins tomorrow. Having a tough time with a steep learning curve at work... the crib-list wouldnt end and the only respite is the one-hour swim every night. And now my ex-GF of 5 years tells me she likes some1 else and he's likely to propose to her soon. Gotta give credit to that horo after all.

'If you love somebody, set them free. If they come back, they are yours. If not, it was never meant to be'

I took too long and was too tentative 'coming back'. And now it emerges that it was never meant to be anyway. I continue to push the limits on being tough...

Btw - when i wrote yday that I'd be resuming bloggin, I had NOT planned to start with a cribnote. Dude-who-wants-humor-here : Sorry boss, I fail to see any in the current situation. Will soon try tho

Tomm, or soon... Sootta paradox Pancham

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