Jul 28, 2006

Tullee ho!

This is quite incredible. There exists a desi site called tulleeho.com - tullee ho is hindi for 'get stoned'
Wow! and they hv events - like bartending workshops. goin for one this sunday
damn cool!

Wish 2 help

Unusual post for this blog. Bear with me.

Was browsing thru NDTV.com and came across this: 11-year-old mother struggles for survival. In short - Father dead, mother broke - works in cow shed. Mothers friend raped her and now she has a baby with no way to suuport herself or the kid.

Wish these NDTV morons had left a link like : If u wish to help wats-her-name, leave a message here. Otherwise wats the point of reporting something like this?!

I know it is extremely unlikely, but if any1 knows how these NDTV guys can be contacted, lemme know.

Back to bloggin abt bull tomm!

Jul 25, 2006

The new look...

Recently changed the blog template to this one - looks much better and much more professional than the last 'green' one i was using. I love green - but my blog had a pretty sucky look.

Today I saw the blogs of the last two people to comment here. They are using the same template. Now, I dont know whether they liked this, and decided to use the same for theirs, or if its just a very popular template. Either way, I like to be different, and will revamp the look of this blog again pretty soon.

I genuinely loved this template... {sniff}

Jul 23, 2006

Salaam Bombay - 2

There was some argument about Mumbai being the declared the rudest city in the world and my dismissing the survey as a load of crap. Let me elaborate

The criteria used to determine 'rudeness':
- People didnt hold doors open for others
- People didnt pick up something u dropped
- Shopkeepers didnt say 'Thank you'

For crying out loud, this is a definitively Western defition of politeness. These things are simply not the norm in our culture. If one was to behave 'politely' as they define it, people would view him suspiciously, not with admiration.

And the bias is well reflected in the survey results - ALL the cities at the bottom of the list are Asian. Every single one of them. NY is on top, and most others near the top are either in US/Europe or countries with strong US influence. Its just a way of saying 'we are good and you are uncivilized because u dont measure up on our yardstick'.

Someone commented that the behavior being measured was 'nice'. Well I feel being addressed as 'Bhaiya' or 'uncle' is nicer than being called by my first name by people half my age. I also feel touching elder's feet is a show of respect and is 'nice'. No one in the West does any of that. But I dont go out and publish that the West is shockingly rude.

I thought civilization was moving to a state where differences would be respected and people were free to choose how to express themselves and how to behave. RD's survey does not respect those values. And that's why I'm dismissive of it. Whether or not Mumbai is rude - is an argument we'll get into only if you're unbiased, willing to respect differences, and make the comparisons on universally accepted measures - like whether people would say sorry after knocking u in traffic.

One for freakonomics!

REcently a friend of mine got married and was ebing pushed by his wife to buy a car. This is a calculation he tried to explain to her:

Monthly expense on car:
EMI - 8000
Insurance - 1000
Maint - 500
Driver (optional) -5000

Assuming u do 1000 km a month (thats a lot): this means Rs 14/km
Add Rs 4/km for fuel
So Rs 18/km

Cost of hiring the same car as taxi anywhere, anytime its needed : in the range of Rs 12-18/km

Why the hell should he buy a car??

Jul 21, 2006

All About India

This web page sums up what I was taught at school, over some 8 years, about our country. Ok, it isnt exhaustive and doesn't provide you with boring details like which parts exactly, of South India, were ruled by the Cholas, the Cheras and the Pandeyas and when.

Nice read, surprisingly non-judgemental. Have kinda got accustomed to western reviews of India painting it as a country of semi-civilized people who eat with their hands and live with cattle on the streets and have weird customs.

The worst was Readers Digest's survey of the rudest cities in the world. There is at least one person who does not agree with me that the survey results were a load of crap (read comments on Salaaam Bombay). Will elaborate soon - coz it is a touchy subject and Im not happy to see a counter-view.

Jul 18, 2006

Its all about A&C

Oh crap! So now we can write and control blogs thru Blogger.com, but not view them (anything with blogspot in the URL is banned). I'm wondering what they'll do next - ban all cellphones in India coz terrorists use them. I have a better idea - ban all construction and usage of toilets in India. That oughta put those terrorists off. Sheesh!

Anyway, this post was meant to elaborate upon the A&C principle, which i referred to in my last post, and maybe some in the past. Here goes:

Only two things are important in life:

- I am more than god.
- I am always right.
- I enjoy everything I do.

- I know I'm right no matter what evidence is provided otherwise.
- Go Screw yourself.

This is Smoochy's talisman. You stick with this and u will succeed in everything in life! However, for this to work for you, you have to show complete faith. You abandon this principle in challening times, and you are certain to end up looking like a fool. Stick with it when it seems crazy to - and u'll come thru with flying colors.


Jul 17, 2006

Yehi to life hai professor!

Yesterday I Had my first date in a while. It wasn't really a 'date', more like meeting a friend. I know y'all will call it 'date' whatever I say and what-the-heck, even I prefer to think of it that way :)
I had a good time, thank you very much! But I know y'all have very vivid imaginations and absurd expectations at times, so stop thinking right now! And dont even bother asking me if this is 'headed somewhere'. I dont even know if we'll meet again and when that might happen.
The upside is - empirical evidence that there is Life in Bangalore. Mosta my pals had almost convinced me otherwise and sombrely forewarned me abt the futility of searching for company in Blore.
The other upside is i know i will eventually get over Missy completely - sometime soon.
This statement does not follow my revered A&C principle, but one has to temper beliefs with realism and honesty at times. A&C does not mean making a fool of urself.

Jul 12, 2006

Salaam Bombay

Recently there was a huge hue-and-cry in the Indian blogspace about a Reader's Digest Survey (i think it was RD) that bestowed the dubious honor of 'World's Rudest City' on Mumbai. The parameters for gauging rudeness were
- people did not hold doors open for others
- people did not pick something u dropped and return it to u
- shopkeepers did not thank their customers

Ok, so Mumbaikars dont have the time or inclination to bother with Western courtesies. We all know wat they dont do, and frankly couldn't care less. Yesterday we found out what they do, when there is a real problem

(In case u dont know, Mumbai was hit by 8 serial blasts, at its very lifeline - the suburban railway which carries millions home every evening. The blasts took place at 630 pm - peak traffic hour)
  • On hearing explosions, people didnt run away. They went to the site to help those who were injured
  • People with vehicles offered assistance to others who were stranded
  • People trained in disaster management during the floods last year came out to control the situation
  • Restaurant owners offered food and water to people who were affected. Note that they did not complain no one was thanking them
  • People ensured the safety of women and children first

The city showed great composure and resilience in the face of serious adversity - which they are no strangers to by the way. However, Mumbai retuned to relative normalcy today, rather than staying depressed about a terrorist attack for several years. India will not go and bomb countries out of existence, unlike a superpower whose fury was unleashed upon poor nations, even though there was no real evidence against them.

We stick together, help one another and demonstrate the meaning of 'unity in diversity'.

If the Westerns think we are rude coz we dont display the same pretentious behaviors as them, they can come and kiss my ass for all I care. And in keeping with our 'rude' reputation, I will not apologize for my attitude.

Jul 11, 2006

World Cup 2006 posts

Set of my posts thru WC 2006. {with a big grin} I went with my heart and backed the winning horse!

Viva La Italie!

Still on the World Cup

Go Italia!

Tifosi at heart ... Rejoice!

Tifosi at heart ... Rejoice!

I thot of starting with 'Yay' or 'Yippee' but thats sounds too lame. In fact i will not even try to capture the joy and elation of Italy's World Cup victory in words.. i cant!

The best team won! Not a bunch of mediocres who can only convert free kicks, not a bunch of jokers who call their tomfoolery on field 'samba flair', not a bunch of kids who play with a '12th man' at home, and NOT a team which disgraces the finals with a dive-earned-penalty and an inexplicable red card. Champions should be above all this.

They came in as underdogs blemished by a scandal, with an unknown striker and fewer stars than any Azzurri in recent history. In the end it wasn't about South American flair or European ruggedness, it was all about Italian pizzazz (forgive the pun). They played like champions - conceding only an own goal and a penalty that should not have been awarded in the first place, and scoring 12 goals with 10 different players (for perspective - the highest tally in these finals was Germany's 14). A solid team, with a lion-hearted defender who should've been the 'Man of the series', a keeper who is God, earned the place in history that they truly deserve.

I was there - in an Italy t-shirt, at one of only two tables supporting Italy in a coffee-shop with more than 100 people. Seeing 20+ tables of sad-looking people, I felt credit was not being given where it was due. So i am making up with this testimonial.

God bless the Azzurri! Yay? Nah.. too lame!

Jul 5, 2006

When will u die?

I am going to die at 66. When are you? Click here to find out!

66 is nice... not painfully old, and certainly not soon!

Go Italia!

The better team won last night. And it was italy. I was thrilled beyond words and to borrow a phrase from McDonald's, "Im loving it"

Someone remarked at the end of the game that the Italian experienced should have expected to win against the bunch of youngsters Germany had put together, and it really wasn't a big deal. Bullshit! These same guys before the match had said:
- Italians will be distracted by the match-fixing scandal at home
- This is the worst 'Azzurri' in many years
- Klinsmann has inspired Germany and they look good to go all the way
- Germany's "twelth man" (crowd support) would be a big factor in their favor
- Germany has the best attack on display and are the only team playing with two upfront
- Germany will attack from the word go while Italy will try and rely on their solid defense

If u saw the match, it was Italy that took the initiative and created the chances in the first half. They were good, they were well organized and they were dominant. I was especially happy to see Italy play positive for a change, and not the boring stuff one has come to expect from them. Tho I'd be much happier if Totti made way for Del Piero. Totti is a bloody diver and epitomizes everything that makes Italy infamous. DP is a refreshing talent in a hard-working team!

Now onto the Final. I'd be much happier to have Italy face off against Portugal. Portugal have created their share of controversies in this World Cup and have been playing rough. That is traditionally Italy's domain. So it will be interesting when they run into each other. Also this is the last chance for Portugal's underachieveing Golden Generation and Figo.

The more important factor is - Les Bleus have been the nemesis of the Azzurri in the past decade. They beat a solid Italy on penalties in France '98. Then there was the Euro 2000 Final - which Italy led till the 92nd minute. As everyone was waiting on the sideline to celebrate, a freak goal in injury time allowed France back. And they carried the momentum thru to extra time, winning with a Golden Goal. I hated the Golden Goal rule since - good riddance to bad rubbish!

If France were Italy's opponents in the Final, I'd be very very wary. They have a good record against Italy and they'd be coming in after beating Brazil and Portugal. There will surely be a last hurrah from Zizou and his bunch. Not necouraging prospects for the Azzurri and their fans.

Sunday night... lets believe ... and hope!

Go Italia!