Mar 17, 2008

F1 returns.. and weekends are fun again!

OK, that was one hell of a wonderful weekend.

Friday night - we headed off to Taika. The first time we've gone dancing in a while. Most of that evening was spent having good food, checking out a cute woman at the next table, chatting, and dancing towards the end.

Saturday, I spent cooking what was to be a lunch for 10 people on Sunday, to follow the F1  race. But it also Tushar's b'day, and since his Dad left early, we could celebrate in the 'traditional' bachelor manner. So the Great Indian Beer Review went International.

Happy B'day, Tush!

Unfortunately, I was cooking most of the time while Tush and Swap were imbibing and enjoying some cheap Ameesha Patel movie on TV. 

Sunday morning, some pals came over to watch the race. And what a race it was - people crashing and slipping all over the place, and just 5 people finishing. This is such a refreshing change from last year, when they might as well have let the Qualifying results stand as final for most races. And the icing on the cake was a Lewis Hamilton victory, with Alonso and Raikkonen salvaging no more than pride.

But the real fun began afterwards. See for yoursleves:

Everyone did the neo-native look.

And, as tradition has it at our place, everyone got merrily drunk!

I was planning to go to KL for the next race. But who needs to travel, when so much fun can be had right here at home!

Thanks, people, for comin over and keeping the 'spirit' so 'high'!


(BTW - the food turned out so well, everyone loved it and said I could get any woman to marry me for it! Hot, single and hungry women of the world - are any of you listening?)