Feb 6, 2007

Tough. 2.

Some times test the strength of your basic fabric. You wonder what you are really made of.

I've been here before. I refuse to fuckin crack. Bring it on!

Feb 3, 2007

Truly, deeply, madly...

(This was supposed to be a cryptic post titled 'Four seasons', so the message wasn't understood by many. But I've been challenged to make an open statement. And I could never let that pass, could I? ;) )

There are times when nothing is right. Your work is not appreciated in office, and people doubt your competence. Your family doesnt seem to understand, and isnt really there for you. Your friends take you for granted, and don't seem to care much for how you feel. Your schedule is messed up, and you are a tired zombie sleep-walking through everything. The good clubs dont allow you in coz you are single. Expenses hit the roof and you still aren't satisfied with life. You drink and smoke yourself till you are wasted, but still dont get high. Life, basically, sucks.

And then - suddenly - none of the above matter. Its the season of blooming roses, and all is good with the world. You are happy, unconditioally, with everything.

Coz you are in love.

And that's that.