Dec 8, 2008

Deep's story

About the story:
This story has the same basic idea as YashRaj's 'Rab ne...' - For every ordinary jodi, there is an extraordinary love story! Cheesy, I know, and not the kind of stuff I usually put up on this blog. But I really wanted to do this - it's different, it's ambitious, it's personal, and I'm quite happy with the result...thus far.

It gives me great joy becuase it is almost real - just about everything that happened here has happened to people I know. It's not any one person's, or any single couple's story. I've taken interesting experiences and stories that various people have shared with me over the years, and woven them all together into one story. There is a little bit of fiction, but only very little, for continuity's sake. I hope you enjoy reading it, and hope you will let me know what you think of it in any case. Also - if you've had any memorable, interesting experiences that you'd like to share with the world - you know whom to contact ;)

One of my favorite authors is Erich Segal. His 'Love Story' is, till date, the only book I've read in one sitting. Even though he revealed in the first para that Jenny was going to die, I cried when she did at the end! I'm not suggesting that this is even a patch on his work, or that I have even a fraction of the ability and skill he does, but I'd like to mention that Segal's 'Love Story' is the inspiration for this work - in terms of the storyline, as well as the style.
This started off as a simple idea for one post, inspired in part by something my flatmate once wrote. I had an idea, and e1 was the product. By the time I finished writing e1, I felt people would want to know what happened next, and e2 was in order. So, I came up with some more ideas, and thought I'd write a full story spanning about 6 episodes.

Once I got down to writing, recalling various stories I'd heard from various people and also some experiences of my own that I wanted to share, and writing at great length as I usually do, the story just exploded. For instance, 5,6,7,8 - were supposed to be ONE episode in the original plan - I just had too much to write!

After 8, I had some more ideas for the rest of the story - but I was, for a while, unable to tie them together into one engaging story. At one time, my 'plan' was for about 17+ episodes, and I was fairly convinced every reader would lose interest. But, after a long break, I finally managed to clear things up in my own head. This story should be complete in 13 episodes - and at least 2 of the last 3 should be quite engaging.

Some people wanted 'sex and violence' - the full-blown commercial masala! It doesn't really fit in this genre. But I just might surprise you all a bit :)

Final word:
Please, PLEASE give feedback through comments. I am writing this largely for my own pleasure, and will write the whole story even if nobody likes it. But if you do like it - do let me know. I might just get inspired to develop this into a book, or a script. Or at least write more stories here.

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  1. Interesting end !!!...not bad for the first time ..was not expecting that at all ...u got everything rolled into one ...things which made me smile ...
    1. 'I'm sweet, baby. Have me!' ...rofl reminds me of something
    2. Thanks for the song !!!! ...was missing it for a long time...

    keep up the good work