Dec 2, 2008

Episode 9I9E

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Preeti unlocked the door and walked in. Her flatmate, Kritika, a.k.a. K, was sitting on the carpet with scissors in hand, and a top she'd recently purchased. Kritika liked to re-design the designer clothes she bought.

Kritika looked up at her, then turned her gaze back to the task at hand, as she spoke. 'Your hair looks frizzled. What did you and your boyfriend do today?'
'Arjun is not my boyfriend anymore.... He called and generally talked about how things are in Chicago. And the call wasn't hair-raising - that just happened cos I was at the beach.'
'I wasn't talking about Arjun. He's history. So, you and Deep had a nice, romantic walk along the beach?'
'KAY! Deep and I are NOT an item. He's not my boyfriend, just a colleague I'm friendly with.'
'Oh, come on. We just happen to spend a lot of time together in office, and he's a nice guy. So, sometimes we go out too. But there's nothing of the romantic sort. Please!'
'You told me he was interested in you. You said it was visible several times. And I can see you like him too. So, don't give me the friends nonsense. I know you, baby.'
'I like him, but as a friend. And yes - sometimes I thought he was showing interest, but he really isn't that kind of guy. He was probably just being nice, not trying anything. I mean, it's been six months and he hasn't tried anything. So, I know there's nothing there.'
'Aah! Ok, whatever.'

'Did Arjun call when you were with Deep?'
'Yeah... and for some reason, I think Deep wasn't comfortable. He suddenly went all quiet and seemed far away. And we left the beach a few minutes after the call. We'd not even been there for half an hour, I think.'
'Your boyfriend was jealous!'
'Oh, come on! He knows about Arjun, and I don't think he has any such feelings for me. It'd been a long day at work, and I left him alone for 10 minutes or so, so he probably got irritated. Or maybe he was just tired. Jealous? No. That just isn't like Deep'

K put away her design experiment, and looked straight at Preeti. She looked serious.
'Baby, admit it. You know he's interested. You can see he's jealous of Arjun. He's there for you all the time. Obviously, he has feelings...
He's probably not said anything because you work in the same office, and it'd be awkward if you declined his interest. And there's also the Arjun factor.'

'I don't know, K. I really don't think he's interested. It's been six months. If he really was interested, something would've happened by now.'
'He's probably just shy. Based on what all you've told me, I think he's just waiting for a sign from you. And it's not like he doesn't have time.'
'DON'T mess my head up with shit like that. There's already Arjun to deal with, and Deep's not the type who'd try anything. For me, he's a good friend. And I'd like to keep it that way. Don't complicate it.'

'Baby, tell me something - how often do you talk to me about Arjun?'
'I don't know.  About once a week. I'm trying to get over it.'
'How often do you talk about Deep?'
'I don't know. Every other day. But I work with him, and he's there with me in office all the time.'
'You talk about Deep EVERYDAY. And it's not the same way you talk about others in the office.'
'Yeah, so? He's my best friend in office and I see him everyday. So what?'
'Face the reality, baby. You both like each other. He's just waiting for you to get over Arjun and give him a chance. And you like him too - you talk about him all the time, and I can see it.'

Preeti was silent.
'Think about it, baby. You two clearly like each other. If he isn't trying anything, give him a sign that you're interested. You guys will be a lot happier.'


'Hullo, mum'
'Deep, mera pyara beta! Kaisa hai?'
'Theek hoon.'
'Khana kha liya?'
'Haan, ji.'

Regular mother-son talk follows.

'Acha, listen. Ek rishta aaya hai. Papa and I like the girl. Good family. You want to meet her?'
'MOM! We've talked about this. I'm not ready for marriage right now.'
'But why? You're old enough, and settled in your job and everything. And this is a very nice match.'
'Settled?! I've not even finished one year, and I'm not sure if I even will! My boss is killing me with work, and I virtually live in the office. I have no time for family right now.'
'Beta, your job is always going to be like this. There comes a time when one needs to settle down. And this is a very good rishta. Don't throw it away. Just meet her once.'
'Who is she? What's so good about her?'
'It's an Army family. Father is a Colonel. We've spoken to them - they're very nice, impressive people. It's a family just like ours.'
'Ma! I'm not marrying her dad or her family. What's the girl all about?'
'She's studied at Welham's boarding school. Then college in Bangalore. She's an MBA, and doing some marketing job. Like yours, but not IIM type. We read her profile, and I'm sure you'll like her. Smart ladki hai.'
'Does she have a name?'
'Pravha Nehra.'
'Pravha. It's like Prabha, with a V, for victory.'
'What kind of a name is that?'
'What does it matter? Anyway, she's in Bombay only. We'll send you the profile in a few minutes. Take a look, and talk to her once.'
'I'll think about it. Send me the profile. But I'm not promising anything. I'm really not keen on this, and if I have even the slightest doubt, I'm not meeting her.'
'I'm sure you'll like the profile. Anyway, at least meet her once. We've spoken to the parents. It won't look nice.'
'PLEASE don't speak to any parents again. This is my life, and it's a huge decision. I don't want any pressure.'
'Of course. We're not going to force you to marry anyone. But at least meet her once.'
'OK, I'll think about it. Send me the profile.'
'And PLEASE do not talk to any more parents and promise anything without asking me first.'
'OK, baba.'

The phone call went on for another 10 minutes with mom. 40 minutes in all. Deep then spoke to dad and Chhoti. He was done with them in 10 minutes.

Chhoti said she was going to forward the profile immediately after the call. Surprisingly, even she liked the girl and seemed to think this was a good idea. Now, Warney was curious.

He opened the email, and his jaw dropped. Prabha-with-a-Vee was Hawt-with-an-O! He read through the 'profile'. It was interesting. The girl was smart, and seemed to be quite fun-loving too. He looked her up on orkut. A different pic, but equally hot. This profile was far less formal, and a lot more fun, though there was a very unfriendly, almost intimidating 'about me' there. But that was understandable, given orkut is infested with 'frandship'-seeking despos.

They seemed to have the same interests in books, movies, everything... she was even a Formula 1 fan! Brilliant! Music interests - 'Anything that gets me moving'. Perfect!  Cuisines - 'Oriental. Do ice-creams count as cuisine ;)' Warney was almost in love.

He fired up 'Kundli-Lite for Windows', and entered their birth details. (He was an absolute sucker for astrology). The match scored 33/36 - which was insane! Warney wondered if he'd really found his life partner. His life seemed to have changed in half an hour.

He picked up the phone, and called her. She sounded a bit cold, but quite frank and candid. She didn't really sound like the woman of his dreams, but impressive enough. They decided to meet for lunch the next day, at the Mahesh Lunch Home, Juhu.

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  1. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Like to hear the rest of the story soon!!!The plot is picking up pace,growing thick and fast..Keep it up..A small question.Answer it or not..Choice is yours..What %age of the plot reflects your own experiences :-)

  2. Smart question, sumi! Well, actually nearly ALL of these are real experiences of various people I know. I've just woven them together into 1 story, and added a little bit of fiction as the glue in some places.
    And ya, since I am the author, many of Deep's experiences are based on my own.

    Now if you don't mind me asking a question - who are you and how did you land here?

  3. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Actually I strayed in here.Read all the episodes together..And am particularly fond of love stories..