Jun 23, 2009

The Dream Trip - My English Summer Holiday, 2009

  • Night out by the Thames with a couple of good friends, Turkish doner kebab and a lotta lager.
  • Peeing by the roadside in London.
  • Visiting a gentleman's club. Witnessing my friend getting rid of oncoming babe by saying 'Honey, I'm not your type' (clear gay implications!)
  • Watching and T20 World Cup India game live at Trent Bridge.
  • Traveling on the day's last train to London with Sunil Gavaskar.
  • Standing on the Lords' balcony. Sitting in the 'spaceship' media center.
  • Visiting the War Cabinet rooms (underground shelter) of Winston Churchill.
  • Traveling on a Thames cruise boat. Returning on the same boat to the same point after an hour.
  • Sitting by the Thames, close to Westminster Abbey, sipping beer and watching old couples walk around for an entire hour.
  • Getting directions from hot blondes.
  • Taking a picture of another hot blonde with her friend, and then having her take one of me.
  • Eating roast chicken, half a rack of spare ribs, with fries and Stella Artois at Garfunkel's restaurant at Leicester Square.
  • Surviving a whole week on just sandwiches for the most part.
  • Watching a West End play. Horror, not musical. At a theatre that dates back to the 16th century.
  • Walking tour of Sir William 'Braveheart' Wallace's trial and hanging venue, the supposed residence of Jack the Ripper, and Sweeney Todd's supposed barber-shop and the nearby human meat pie shop at Fleet Street.
  • Viewing the crown jewels including the Cullinan and the Kohinoor.
  • Guided tour of Shakespeare's Globe theater and the nearby Rose theater.
  • Buying good clothes in London for less than they'd cost in India.
  • 'London Bridge & London Tombs Experience'
  • Watching the whole Silverstone F1 British GP weekend live.
  • Maxing out the daily spends on Oyster each day for 6 successive days.
  • Traveling in a London black cab.
  • Living in a 'hole in the wall'. Sharing it with the host. Smoking out the little window. Leaving behind a huge pile of empty Carling Lager cans.
  • Having strawberries and cream for breakfast one morning.
  • Traveling on the Airbus A380.
  • Going a whole week with more than 5km of walking each day and less than 5 hours of sleep each night.
  • Getting through it all purely on adrenaline.
  • Being completely happy.
Been there.
Done that.


  1. Bravo! wish I was there too...

  2. sounds good. Though some finer details might be missing here.

  3. Sounds super good. You sure have a way with making people jealous!

  4. @LoM: i asked several ppl if they wanted to come along, but no 1 did. anywe, i didnt miss the company :)

    @TDV: nothing is missing here. really.

    @priti: i prefer ppl when they look green :)

  5. I prefer my banknotes to look green...but anyway.

    So how was the A380 experience?

  6. @Daddy-san: No experience to speak of, really. I guess economy feels the same on any aircraft. It's supposed to be a quieter and smoother flying plane, but I couldn't really tell.
    The only thing I remember is the impact on landing. You could feel the 'unstoppable force meeting an immovable object', and it wasn't for the weak-hearted. But I dunno for sure if that was the aircraft, or just a lethargic pilot combined with a lousy seat at the back.