Oct 13, 2008

Episode 4our

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What? Neil and Muthu also ditched?'
'Looks like it. So you are gotta have dinner with me, rather than your boyfriend. Sorry about that', joked Warney.
'There's no boyfriend! And I'm ok with just the two of us here. Unless you're missing your girlfriend.'
Warney felt immensely proud of himself. He'd got an answer to the boyfriend question without really asking. He thought it was very smart play, and the bigger news was that the field was clear! Obviously, Warney wasn't very experienced with women. He had no idea how transparent his play really had been for Preeti. But Preeti had judged him as a nice and totally harmless guy. She saw signs of interest, but didn't think it was anything serious, and didn't think Deep would ever directly ask her anything. If he did, she'd certainly think about it - he did appear to be a nice, reliable guy who could be fun too (probably, not definitely). But she was sure she'd never face the question from him, so it didn't matter.

'You do know which colleges I went to, right?'
'Yeah, IIT, M and IIM, L. So?' She had an idea where he was going, but wasn't sure and didn't agree with what she thought he was getting at.

'If a college's name begins with two I's, and it is a reputed college, you don't find girlfriends there. Only a few non-males. Barring exceptions like you, of course.' His feeble attempt at flirting was about to backfire badly...

'Non-males? That's disgusting! I didn't expect that from you.'
'Sorry about that. But it is true. That's what all guys at II's believe and say. I probably just happen to be the first to say it in front of you.'
'No, I've heard that before. But i expected better from you, Deep. That's such a cheap way to view your peers. FYI - I used to stay at a girl's hostel at an II, and I disagree with the cheap generalization you just made.'
'I said I'm sorry. You're taking this way too seriously. It's just a guy joke, and for the most part, it's sour grapes. I didn't really mean to offend or demean anyone.'
'That's more like the Deep I know. Or at least, I thought I knew.'
'Oh, come on! You can't judge me for one silly little statement. I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. Point was just this - I don't have a girlfriend because I didn't meet anyone suitable on campus. Partly because there were few of them, and partly because I didn't think any of them were right for me.'
'So, what is "right for" you? Dumb, hot Delhi chick, right?'
'Nah. You really think I'm that shallow?... Ok, you do! But I'm NOT. Sure, good looks matter and there has to be an element of physical attraction'
'Ahh! You make "dream girl" sound like a trigonometry lesson'
'No, I was getting to the dream girl part. Basically, you need a wavelength match'
He stopped. She was staring at him, with an "I told you so" smile. "Wavelength match" didn't sound particularly romantic either. He also smiled, a little embarassed now.

'No, what I'm basically trying to say is - when you meet the right person, you just know. It's natural. You like each other... like doing the same things... the time you spend together is never enough. It's just... right!'
'Finally, you sound human! But I know what you mean.'
'Did you know someone like that?'

She stared again, this time with an "I'm not telling YOU" smile. 
'Girl like you couldn't have gone through 2 years at IIM without having at least a dozen guys propose to her. There must have been someone...'
'What do you mean "girl like me"'?
'Oh, come on! Don't try to change the subject. I meant you are good-looking and nice and fun to be with. And smart. Just take it as a compliment and answer the question'
'Smart always comes last, doesn't it?'
'I asked a question first!'
'I don't like you. Just because you think I look good, you assume I must have had a boyfriend', she said, trying to sound indignant, but wasn't convincing.
Warney's patience was wearing out. 'If you don't wanna tell me, just say so. Stop beating around the bush and throwing barbs at me. I meant that as a genuine compliment, and you know it.'

She smiled again. It was an "OK, you win" smile this time. 'Let's order dinner. I have to leave by 10'

He stared this time, and waited for a sign of impatience to pounce on. It didn't come. 'OK'

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  1. I am no Vikram Seth on story telling but have definitely read my fair share.
    While it is fairly readable, why is it sounding so predictable and like something which has already been written and read. Twists, more detailed characterisation, details on setup, Sub plots etc etc would add to the fun.

  2. Shaant, gadadhari bheem, shaant!
    For starters, I'm no Vikram Seth, or even Ritesh Sharma, myself. This is a very 'amateur' effort, and should be recognized as that.
    Secondly, different readers like different things. Someone feels the 'cricket' angle was unnecessary and too long, and they skipped to Ep 4, which they liked. You are asking for length and depth - which is the opposite (and, to be honest, I had attempted a bit in Ep 3). I have like, 7 readers in all, and don't wanna lose any of em, so am trying to achieve a balance.
    However, this is basically a simple, happy story in a 'quick-n-easy-read' format (and not 100+ pages of hard copy), so don't expect things to get too complicated. But I promise - there WILL be some depth, twists and sub-plots. Patience is all I ask!

  3. u can add me to ur list of readers ..

  4. This is going really well I must say! I am one of those who feel that the cricket part was too lengthy, but I loved the rest of it :) Obviously because I am not too fond of cricket, but I am sure it got the attention of cricket lovers

  5. Good.going.....when is the next episode being released ??? I am waiting :)