Oct 3, 2008

SGP review

Yep. I was there. The first-ever F1 night-race at Singapore. Everytime I purchased anything (tickets, water bottles...), the organizers "thanked me for being a part of history being created"

The experience was truly awesome. With the incredible noise and blurred images of Formula 1 cars (see below), the backdrop of the Mandarian Oriental Hotel, the Bay Waterfront and the Singapore CBD skyline by night, and organization of the kind that only Singapore can manage, there was no way it could be anything but awesome!

We explored the circuit, tried out local food, and watched the support races on Friday. Saturday and Sunday - we just got there 2 hours before the F1 main events, and parked ourselves in a small spot between turns 16 and 17. As this was a street circuit, you couldn't see more than a short stretch from any one point. And we found that viewing alongside a straight was completely pointless, 'coz you could not really see the cars. Where we stood, we could not just see the cars, but also recognize the drivers by the colors of their helmets! We witnessed a few spins at turn 16 during practice, but no incidents during Qualifying or the race. By the way, Piquet crashed just after exiting turn 17 (we could only see it on the big screen).

Our view, and Lewis zomming past!

The race as such was disappointing in terms of the result. I don't like Alonso, and it was bloody frustrating to watch everyone else being held up by the 1-stoppers. Before Piquet's crash, it was shaping up so well. We first saw (and I don't mean on the screen) Lewis trail Massa by a bit, followed by Kimi a good while later. After about a dozen laps, we could make out Massa was ahead, and Kimi was had almost caught up with Lewis, and seemed much quicker. Kimi behaved strangely through the weekend - he seemed to be asleep most of the time. But when he did wake up (occasionally), he was visibly fast & furious!

Though I didn't like that Alonso had won the 'historic' race, I was pleased to see Lewis consolidate his lead at the top with a podium finish, while the Ferraris - yet again - screwed up big-time. This was a difficult circuit to drive, and offered no chances to those who made mistakes. So there was a great sense of relief (I'd been tense since Q2 - where Lewis almost failed to make the cut into the top 10 grid positions)

Anyone who plans to watch one of these live - feel free to ask for pointers, esp. about Singapore. I, personally, wouldn't wanna watch a race here again - only because I don't like the slow, narrow, unforgiving nature of the track and fortuitous nature of the SGP overall. I will, surely, watch more races live though - it's an awesome feeling. At least one of Sepang, Sakhir or Abu Dhabi next season. And Europe as soon as I can afford it!

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  1. I am so jealous :( The circuit looked awesome and I didn't even have it in HD. As for Kimi, what did I say! Did you get me a piece?