Sep 16, 2008


I was going through some of my old posts, and am pleasantly surprised by how many of them seem even more relevant today! I've thought about writing about some of these subjects recently, and now I realize that I already wrote about them like 2 years back, and the same still holds. Check it out!

Un-Jihad is about terrorism, communal disharmony, and the need for a shake-up.

Judicial Joke is about our freedom vs. the government's desire to introduce curbs etc. and move towards prohibition, when there are more fundamental issues to be dealt with.

Both issues have become even more serious now - terror's striking closer home, and we seem to have no answers. And the curbs on nightlife/leisure establishments have become more stringent than they were. Is it just me, or is anyone else also worried about the direction in which we seem to be going...

And, on a lighter note, this IS an eternal truth: 10 reasons why a pint is better than a woman

Also, check this firm out. (Old reference here, if you really care)

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