Jun 19, 2006

10 reasons why...

a beer is better than a girl:

(in no particular order)

- A beer does not feel insecure. You can stay away and come back whenever you want

- A beer does not straighten or color its hair and ask you for an opinion.

- You dont need to bathe and shave before u hv a beer

- 60 bucks and a beer is urs. No strings attached. No emotional involvement. No time invested

- Fosters, Royal Challenge, Haywards, Kingfisher... you can have whichever u want on any day.

- If you see another guy with the same beer you have, u feel happy not jealous

- No matter how many years its been, it stays in the same shape

- A beer doesnt mind if you take its top off and put ur mouth to its mouth in public

- Your parents will not mind if your beer isnt Punjabi

- A beer doesnt ask you abt marriage. If it had feelings, it'd probably be happier the longer u stayed an uncommitted bachelor

Any1 got more? Post em in the comments section

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