Jun 15, 2006

Funny moment

I actually witnessed this first hand in the John at Forum mall yesterday.

Guy, relieving himself, "Ah Hi!... I was thinking of you only... In the bathroom {smiles mischievously}"

Suddenly his other phone rings...
"Hi Sheila!... Ya I'll be up in 2 min" (Im assuming he meant PVR - which was the only floor above us. Even if not true, it makes things more interesting ;) )

Back to line 1 "Oh Sheila, she works with me, just a friend... really.... No... No"

As the people at Mastercard would say:
"2 Cell phones : 11 thousand rupees,
Tickets at PVR : 300 rupees,
Caught two-timing with ur zip down : Priceless!"

Guy-who-wanted-to-see-funny-posts : Dude, I've rediscovered my sense of humor. Cheers!

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