Jun 27, 2006

Still on the WC

Nothing annoys me more than people cheering for England to win the World Cup.
England's a fairly ordinary team. Its just that the English Premier league is the only one junta in India are able to follow, with the real leagues - Spanish, Italian etc being played late at night (India time) and not being covered well by our channels.

So they get to see some English players dominate other ordinary players, esp defenses (Remember, the real good midfields and defense are in Italy and Spain) and they think these English players are actually the best. So the England XI is like the EPL all-stars and our ppl think they are a really competitive, difficult-to-beat unit. Wrong! Thats just the best of the mediocre. And thats why they always lose before the semis, and thats wat will happen to England this time also.

Sidin had a post where he imagined Rooney scoring the winner for England against Brazil in the Final. Dream on!

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  1. hehe..exactly on the lines i was going to post.you beat me to it. bottom line England sucks and as for Beckham, he doesn't deserve to be on the field. Unless of course it is a set piece. That's all they are-a set piece team