Jun 7, 2006

Dont give up!

I guess the number of people visiting this blog has dropped to below-survival levels. It was probably in single digits (per day) in the first place, and is laboriously 'tending to zero' now.
However, i intend very much to revive this blog, so dont give up on me just yet.

Was disconnected with the cyber-world for the past couple of weeks. My comp arrived from Bhopal yesterday (almost intact - my beloved DVD writer has gone bust tho). Will be getting it 'broadbanded' asap and will resume writing.. thr is a lot to blog abt now, apart from the long-pending Hitler-ian and other philosophical posts.

A friend recently observed that my blog was 'too serious' and should incorporate some humor for readers' sake. Point taken. will try.

Adios for now

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