Jun 21, 2006

Bloggin abt bloggin

Excerpts from my first blog post:
Ok I never thought I'd actually get down to doing this. I didnt think I had the patience to write regularly, especially when I'm not certain that anyone - myself included - is ever gonna read the junk i put down here. I still dont think so. So this may well be the first and last post here... (irrelevant crap)
My apologies to any1 who thot this might be worth reading. I hope one of these nights im inspired (probably by vodka n orange) enough to write something that actually is! Cheerio

My view has gone 180 degrees. Lets take one point at a time.

- Time for blogging : if u have an awlays-on broadband connection at homeor at work, u will surely find the occasions!

- Any1 reading wat u write : its up to u.
Some people write only for themselves and ill get to the benefits of that later.
Some write for the world to read. I guess they derive a lot of satisfaction from receiving loads of responses and comments. it takes time and effort to make ur blog a famous one, but if u want to disseminate and discuss with the world at large its worthwhile
Most, like me, write for myself and a few close ones to read. Its a good way to keep in touch and discuss interesting subjects.

- Stuff not being worth reading : the same reason for which ppl blog for themselves. It helps to crystallize ur own thots. eg U may not be in favor of reservations. But when u try to blog abt it, u'll find urself thinking abt the facts and implications, doing some research and rationalizing with urself. At the end of it, u hv gr8 clarity abt wat the issue really is and how u feel abt it. This is even more powerful when writing abt personal issues and incidents. U can put ur feelings into words and it gives some peace of mind. and u create records of memories that come in handy later in life.

All in all - i'm a big supporter of the blog movement. everyone should blog. ideally everyone should do yoga and meditate a bit also, but bloggin will do for now.

while on blogging, i must mention my role model blog - Amit Varma's India Uncut takes the cake. Hes a journo so he has time to maintain a blog like that and i'm a consultant so i dont. but i love his blog - several short, smart, funny posts abt all kinds of things. hv listed several blogs on my blogroll (somewhere on the right hand side of this page), but i dont hv the patience or interest to follow all of em. Hitler's soul's My dayz with myself is another one i vist every time he posts - outrageously hilarious and honest. Sidin's Domain Maximus is almost as good.

Also visit each post by nakul and bikash - but thats coz i know them well personally.

Thoughts? opinions?...

Johnny Blogger White Label... Keep Blogging!

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