Jul 5, 2006

Go Italia!

The better team won last night. And it was italy. I was thrilled beyond words and to borrow a phrase from McDonald's, "Im loving it"

Someone remarked at the end of the game that the Italian experienced should have expected to win against the bunch of youngsters Germany had put together, and it really wasn't a big deal. Bullshit! These same guys before the match had said:
- Italians will be distracted by the match-fixing scandal at home
- This is the worst 'Azzurri' in many years
- Klinsmann has inspired Germany and they look good to go all the way
- Germany's "twelth man" (crowd support) would be a big factor in their favor
- Germany has the best attack on display and are the only team playing with two upfront
- Germany will attack from the word go while Italy will try and rely on their solid defense

If u saw the match, it was Italy that took the initiative and created the chances in the first half. They were good, they were well organized and they were dominant. I was especially happy to see Italy play positive for a change, and not the boring stuff one has come to expect from them. Tho I'd be much happier if Totti made way for Del Piero. Totti is a bloody diver and epitomizes everything that makes Italy infamous. DP is a refreshing talent in a hard-working team!

Now onto the Final. I'd be much happier to have Italy face off against Portugal. Portugal have created their share of controversies in this World Cup and have been playing rough. That is traditionally Italy's domain. So it will be interesting when they run into each other. Also this is the last chance for Portugal's underachieveing Golden Generation and Figo.

The more important factor is - Les Bleus have been the nemesis of the Azzurri in the past decade. They beat a solid Italy on penalties in France '98. Then there was the Euro 2000 Final - which Italy led till the 92nd minute. As everyone was waiting on the sideline to celebrate, a freak goal in injury time allowed France back. And they carried the momentum thru to extra time, winning with a Golden Goal. I hated the Golden Goal rule since - good riddance to bad rubbish!

If France were Italy's opponents in the Final, I'd be very very wary. They have a good record against Italy and they'd be coming in after beating Brazil and Portugal. There will surely be a last hurrah from Zizou and his bunch. Not necouraging prospects for the Azzurri and their fans.

Sunday night... lets believe ... and hope!

Go Italia!

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