Jul 17, 2006

Yehi to life hai professor!

Yesterday I Had my first date in a while. It wasn't really a 'date', more like meeting a friend. I know y'all will call it 'date' whatever I say and what-the-heck, even I prefer to think of it that way :)
I had a good time, thank you very much! But I know y'all have very vivid imaginations and absurd expectations at times, so stop thinking right now! And dont even bother asking me if this is 'headed somewhere'. I dont even know if we'll meet again and when that might happen.
The upside is - empirical evidence that there is Life in Bangalore. Mosta my pals had almost convinced me otherwise and sombrely forewarned me abt the futility of searching for company in Blore.
The other upside is i know i will eventually get over Missy completely - sometime soon.
This statement does not follow my revered A&C principle, but one has to temper beliefs with realism and honesty at times. A&C does not mean making a fool of urself.


  1. Details....smoochy....We need details

  2. Read the post again boss!
    Details - Not happening. It really isnt a big deal. When there is something major to share, I will.

  3. kumar3:41 PM

    kya baat kar raha hai .... mote.....kuch to hua hoga....tu aise hum logoon ko niraash nahin kar sakta