Jul 21, 2006

All About India

This web page sums up what I was taught at school, over some 8 years, about our country. Ok, it isnt exhaustive and doesn't provide you with boring details like which parts exactly, of South India, were ruled by the Cholas, the Cheras and the Pandeyas and when.

Nice read, surprisingly non-judgemental. Have kinda got accustomed to western reviews of India painting it as a country of semi-civilized people who eat with their hands and live with cattle on the streets and have weird customs.

The worst was Readers Digest's survey of the rudest cities in the world. There is at least one person who does not agree with me that the survey results were a load of crap (read comments on Salaaam Bombay). Will elaborate soon - coz it is a touchy subject and Im not happy to see a counter-view.

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