Mar 21, 2006

No apologies

To: A few special friends of Y2K

When the bonds started to form, it all seemed perfect... forever...
We promised, between friends, there would be 'No apologies. Ever'

But things have changed - and so have you and I
We both made mistakes - we know it yet we deny

We ought to say sorry for small things that went wrong
The ego gets in the way, and for times like the old we hopelessly long

Straight from the heart, today I say
I hope things work out, and for a better future i pray

Luv ya all. Always.


  1. kya ho gaya smoochy??

  2. Chinta na karo... aisa bhi kuchh nahi hua

    Was just thinking yday abt some gr8 friends i had in Chennai, and how they've all drifted away. The train of thoughts ended here.

    Also i wanted to try my hand at poetry... everyone seems to be a poet nowadays ;)

  3. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Good work dude, I hope the person for whom it is written thinks about it...

    only this entry has your nickname 'Nik'... It is targeted to someone special I think, especially with 'love yaa all' covering up tactic...

    Your drifting must have created unwanted voids... but i think you need to do more than only static blog words...all the best, if you require...

  4. AARGH! People.. PLEASE.. leave ur name with ur comment!!

    And Thanks a lot - I'm really pleased that somone thinks its good work! Maybe one person was a little above some others when i wrote this, but its not targeted at just one person. There was a group I had... And lotsa people used to call me Nik and stome still do, even here. So dont read much into that.

  5. It is good work! :) You have the makings of a poet after all!

    As for how friends drift away- I agree with the anonymous blogger- you have to do something about it and not just blog.

    Friendship is like any other relationship- you do have to work at it and it does take some time and effort.

    True friends might drift for a bit but they are always there if you choose to get them back so try and get in touch with them- Im sure you'll find them just the same-even though circumstances may not be.

    And to be fair- you have improved in the 'keeping in touch' department! ;)