Mar 29, 2006

An IIT-IIM question

Ok, this is provoked by the following article by a juvenile loser at indiatimes
Should IITians keep away from IIMs?

What bull crap?! Im not even certain what issue is being raised here:
  • People opting out of placements to pursue unconventional careers?
  • IITians opting for management careers after BTech?
  • IIMs and recuiters preferring IITians?

    Whatever the intended subject is, the article is just plain ignorant and pathetic. It empathises with people who got left behind in the rat race, and cites trivial and hollow arguments against those who are on top (read IIT-IIM 'hotshots')

    The first issue is not even about IIT. Its about people pursuing their dreams. If Gaurav wants a degree in management to set up a music company, what right has anyone to object? The author does not even understand that Satyajit does not want to become a footballer, but to manage a football club. Both guys wanted to learn management, had business models in mind, and were chasing money and success like everyone else. So why the hell should they give up their IIM seats for someone else - who couldnt do better at CAT - to pursue a run-of-the-mill professional career? India needs entrepreneurs and big thinkers like these guys, not more Area Sales Managers, or BPO Team Leaders.

    As for the argument against IITians opting for careers in management, I beg to ask : How many people are certain of the best job and career choice for them in class 10? The decision to prepare for IIT is made at that age, with peer pressure, parental pressure and to ensure some financial security. I have some issues with that, but no way can the choice to join an IIT be held against someone at a later point in their life and career.
    Besides, MBA is not an extension of BComm or CA as people with the 'right background' claim. Its about business, management, money, fame, power...
    There is no reason why an engineer, or a doctor, or a commerce student, or anyone else - should not want to do an MBA. An IITian can want to run a business, or be a manager. Why must all IITians must remain in labs or technology firms as 'functional specialists'?

    And finally the 'he-bwoke-my-toy' crib about IITians being preferred by IIMs and recruiters. My simple, if somewhat arrogant, response to that is : Its the best education one can get in this country. IITians are academically sound, independent, strong performers and most of thsoe who opt for mgmt careers have damn smart personalities as well. Also - people dont realize this - IIMs dont actually 'prefer' IITians. If anything, they limit the no of IITians they admit to maintain a 'proper mix' in the batch. And the competition for those limited 'IITian seats' is tougher than it is for 'other seats'. These cry-babies should be thankful!

    If I'm a recruiter, and have to choose between someone with an 'IIT-IIM' pedigree and someone else, who would I choose? Who is most likely to have higher calibre?
    These guys have been thru two gruelling tests - JEE and CAT, and two rigorous courses, competing with the best in the country and emerging successful. They have a sound technical background with undoubted analytical and problem-solving ability, and soft skills I can easily ascertain as a recruiter. And i'm not a philanthropist - I'm a businessman who needs the best gladiator on my side to perform for my bosses and our shareholders.

    If anyone has any problem with any of the above, I do not wish to entertain dubious arguments that support the weak. Its about the survival of the fittest. An IIT degree and an IIM degree are hard facts - proof of fitness, and not questionable arguments or emotional 'reasons'. Find your 'fact of fitness'!

    Reference :Those who grudge IIT-IIM grads their sucess and feel they are overpaid, might want to read my take in this post

    1. I totally agree with you, my dear fellow. Its the classic case of "Grapes being Sour". Anyway, Indiatimes news network has now degraded to an all time low bringing out sensational headlines and worthless news to promote themselves.

    2. indiatimes! really..they still exist? you still read them!! once they stop writing about sherawat's bosoms, that's when i'll consider reading anything the network has to offer..and that's when we shall know hell has frozen over.

    3. Well i agree that they usually hv more page 3 content than page 1,2 or any other. But i do visit the site to follow cricket scores cos im used to it.
      Sometimes headlines like 'Should IITians be allowed into IIMs' appear and i find em irresistable. I wish i could 'simply not care or feel anything' abt this kinda shit, like nakul does. But thats not the case - it does get my goat!