Mar 19, 2006

Fishy business

Today i took a giant leap toward becoming the perfect husband. I procured and prepared a fish curry and rice meal. No - not one of those things u just re-heat in the microwave. This was like raw rohu fish, onions, tomatoes, masalas and all. Preparing fish curry is arguably the messiest thing one can do in a kitchen. And doing it with only a microwave and no prior experience is an act of courage i assure you.

This is the intermediate product:

And the finished good:

Ive got the rice just right. (If any1 needs a recipe for perfect microwaved rice - jus drop a comment with ur mail id). The fish - lets say there is opportunity for improvement ;) I was worried whether I'd even have an 'edible' meal tonight. It was ok after all - but if I make such an effort again, it'd have to taste better. In time...

Of course, the meal was made much more enjoyable by the liquid accompaniment! Gotta give credit where its due - thanks to eM for putting the idea of Red Bull-n-Vodka in my head and to Mobz for validating it! I call it 'Le Jet Fuel' - Smirnoff 'Life is calling - whr r u' and Red Bull 'Gives u wings'. The combo is 'Le Jet fuel' which takes u 'up there!

Final caveat - in case u think Im the 'will cook for myself' kinda guy and will make the perfect homely husband - that is not correct! Im way too lazy and too spoilt for that. This is only the second time I've cooked since i started livin alone - and thats been like 10 months now. But im open to the idea of cookin - and that should be good enough!

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