Mar 13, 2006

Eternal question

It is the question that has been on the minds of all men since we were apes, and probably even earlier. In fact, its the same for not just mankind, but for the entire animal kingdom.
'What do i eat and where do i get my next meal'

Sounds trivial to you? Pause and think about it...

Sorry Mr Maslow, but here's my interpretation of the hierarchy of need.
  • Animals dont think of much else - find food, eat, sleep. Play, fight and have sex sometimes
  • Somalians are ok with man food - fruits, cereal, anything - as long as they get food
  • The poorest beg for food, or money to buy food
  • The poor can afford 2 basic meals per day - some cereal, and one dal/veg/bhajji
  • The slightly richer can afford some variety and good amount of food - but it remains roti/rice (with ghee), dal, veggie. maybe some egg/meat
  • The rich start fussing. They want the right taste, choice of veggies, dal/channa/rajma... they can take it for granted that theyll get good 'ghar ka khana' at least once a day. and thats a sign that u r some1 in urban india who the govt starts squeezing tax from
  • U become affluent like me and stop bothering with dals and veggies. U want nonveg stuff in every meal. The question is where do i eat tonite
  • U make it big in life like my pals mobz, and wonder 'indian, italian, mexican, lebanese, chinese or plain ol american'

    But no matter how far u go in life, how much u earn, how well settled u are and where u are, the basic question remains.

    All that changes are - the importance u give to this question and the options u have.

    'What/where/when do we eat?'

    1. "make it big?" huh? coming from you? wh..who..wha..

    2. said it for effect - u made it to the states, phd and all, lebanese food and all.. dil pe mat le..

    3. you have waaay too much time on your hands...those on a paid holiday BLOG about food leave alone think about it! ;)

    4. Im NOT on a paid holiday miss. Keep that in mind.
      And to repeat something ive said about some earlier comments - Do not trivialize. Everything I put down here is serious.
      You need to understand the mood and the think seriously about what is said.