Nov 5, 2008

Stacion Matrimonia - 2008 Express

I'd posted this sometime last year, and told readers to 'watch this space'. It's time for an update!

Episode 1: Don Captured
I was wrong about this one. Don ko pakadna sach-much namunkin hai. He somehow managed to escape everytime his capture looked 'fully arranged'. An effort is still on, and he's relented to a large extent (he's even written poems. really!) But having learnt our lesson, let's not make any assumptions till he's tied in a knot.
What happens next? Watch this space!

Episode 2: Cash-man in Catch 22
Married. Period. Nothing to watch in this, or any space.

Episode 3: Matrimony fairy turns LilShininLight into a puppy
Married. Period. Nothing to watch in this, or any space.

New Episode: Dandy-boy and Daddy
Dandy-boy struck a deal with Dandy-boy's daddy.
Dandy-boy could choose either the Who or the When, and daddy would decide the other.
Dandy-boy found his Who. 
Dandy-boy was also given a concession - Dandy-boy's daddy would not select a When, before Dandy-boy had turned at least two dozen.
Dandy-boy turns two dozen soon.
Dandy-boy's daddy wants to get Dandy-boy married the day after Dandy-boy turns two dozen.
Dandy-boy still doesn't wanna get married. Well, not yet anyway. Why? Well, no reason, really.
What happens next? Watch this space!

Episode 4 (old series): Yours truly is truly confused
Yours truly wasn't prepared for commitment. Confusion claimed the old case. Sad story, but over.

BUT - now Yours truly truly finds himself in a spot. Yours truly is ready, and yours truly has Ritegal in mind. But Ritegal is sorta where LilShininLight was, last season. And no fairies have appeared on the horizon to help Yours truly. And Yours truly does not believe in 'push' or 'rush' methods, having strongly resented them himself, till a few months back.
What happens next? No idea. Don't even bother watching this space.

Last season, we were all 'getting there'. Well, some reached Stacion Matrimonia 'on time'. The others, now, either dont wanna get there for a while, or feel they're already running late. As Rahul Dravid has often said, after scoring like 7 runs off 89 balls, the timing feels "off".

What happens next? Watch this space!

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