Mar 2, 2007

Stacion Matrimonia

Disclaimer: All people is this blog ARE REAL. Any resemblance to people living (and people you think you know) are completely intentional, and not co-incidental at all.

Episode 1: Don Captured

Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi, namunkin hai.
Don went home innocently to enjoy holi.
Don thought he'd have some banaras-wala paan, consume loads of bhang, and do some sing-song.
Don was captured in the web of matrimony by his parents.
Baat shuru hui, aage badhi aur pakki-si ho gayee.
Don pakda hi nahi, poori tarah phas sa gaya.
What happens next? Watch this space...

Episode 2: CashMan in Catch 22

CashMan wants to get married.
CashMan meets a gal who doesnt fit his 'list of desired factors' perfectly, but he sorta likes her.
CashMan wants to meet her a few more times, to be sure.
But if CashMan meets her, its taken as a certain 'signal of intent to marry'.
To meet or not to meet?
What happens next? Watch this space...

Epsiode 3: Matrimony fairy turns LilShininLight into a puppy

LilShininLight was enjoying single life in Traffic City.
LilShininLight was going for treks, rafting, Goa trips, rave parties and generally enjoying herself.
LilShininLight had no plans to marry for a year at least, and was having a good time with her large circle of friends, including quite a few guys.
LilShininLight was also trapped by her parents, and couldn't resist the charms of a certain seedha-aur-samajhdhar Nawab, and got transformed into a lovesick puppy.
What happens next? Watch this space...

Episode 4: Yours truly is truly confused

Yours truly had no matrimonial plans.
Yours truly was busy gettin drunk and organizing fabulous parties for all his friends.
Yours truly was also makin some new friends, mostly from the fairer sex.
Yours truly is too damn confused now to write any further.
What happens next? Watch this space...

To repeat one of my favorite cliches, life is a journey. And now everyone is at Stacion Matrimonia (like Hotel California). Everyone seems to have gotten here sooner than they were expecting to. There are some apprehensions, but also a lot of excitement and hope.

What happens next? Watch this space...

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