Jan 28, 2008

Some things never change. 2

I'd written nearly 1.5 years back that some things never change. Lotsa water has passed under the bridge. Let's see if the claim is true!

I still hate alarm clocks. And Mondays. No Change
I still drive my bike to work. And I love biking fast. Some Change. Cars rock and i drive mine to work, but i still love biking and i still drive fast
Work still gets done at breakneck speed as the deadline approaches. No Change
It somehow gets completed in time. No major change
I still let off steam by partying my head off and getting stoned on Saturdays. No Change
I still miss her whenever I'm having a good time, and wonder how it'd have felt if she was with me to share those great moments. No Change
I still dont keep in touch with people i really care about. I really want to. Just doesnt happen somehow. Very slight improvement, long way to go still
I still dont blog as much as I'd like to. No Change
I am still putting on weight. No Change
I still want to go to Goa. And fisherman's cove in Chennai. Not been able to work it out. Been there, done that, had fun. Goa and Fish-cove are now replaced with Bangkok, a live F1 race, and Tahiti

Most importantly - I still enjoy my life! Every moment if possible No Change, and thank goodness for this one

9-2 win, and even the 2 are conditional. some things really dont change.  :)

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