Jan 22, 2008


I signed up at Facebook last week, and have loved it. Earlier, when my rommie was getting all excited about Facebook, i'd admonish him 'Dude, another social networking site? Grow up!'. But now i'm ready to eat my words. Facebook is not just a site to keep in touch with ppl, it has a whole lot of fun apps. Besides being a good pastime, they also allow you to know and understand the people in your network better.

This post is about one such App - called iThink. It basically allows you to read someone's opinion, and click 'agree' or 'disagree'. If you are feeling majorly enthu, you can also add a comment. And if you feel strongly about something, u can add a new 'opinion'.

What's the big deal about this, you ask, just like i did about Facebook a few days back. Well, try it -is all i can say. Personally, i like it coz it allows a free exchange of ideas - with people you know, and also with complete strangers. That has a lot of value for people like me - who have strong opinions and love discussions (especially the challenging, heated sort). As our lives become filled with more-and more work, along with other activities, we are left with no time or inclination to just think about general issues, discuss them with someone, or to meet new people (either like-minded or those who see the other side of the coin!).

iThink at Facebook changes that a tiny little bit. Try it!

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