Sep 17, 2006


Any kind of relationship needs at least two things to work - trust and respect. I'm not saying this is enough, but it surely is necessary. If you are ever in a relationship you have any expectations from - make sure you and the other person trust each other as much as expected. And both of you should respect each other and not do anything that hurts the others pride.

Totally unrelated digression : Where does one 'draw the line'? What is ok for me, may not be ok for someone else. What was ok for me in the past, may not seem ok in retrospect. Sometimes you need to push yourself. To find your limits, to get the adrenaline running, and to simply enjoy moments that make a 'life' worthwhile. So how does one know 'this is the line - i should not push myself beyond this or im in a freefall'? Often you can only find out the hard way...

You may not repeat them, but mistakes happen. This is the test - can you trust a person after they make a mistake? Do you continue to respect them after finding out that they can goof up? If you cant- the sooner the farce ends, the better.

Ok sorry for making you read this thus far. Ive just had a long, tiring day. Most of it was a lot of fun, but im just going nuts right now. So shall stop right here

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