Sep 15, 2006

Alonso's an Ass

I, and I'm sure many other F1 enthusiasts, were quite disgusted by the recent display of 'poor losing' by Alonso and Renault.

First - lets look at what happened. Alonso got docked 5 qualifying places for holding up Massa. Now, these things often happen in F1. The decision is always tricky and very subjective. But people dont usually crib too much - they accept its a weak system where the authorities have a lot of discretion. And we all know how close the race is between Renault and Ferrari. The last car the Renaults would want to have such a situation with, is a Ferrari. Its a lot harder to believe a mistake is innocent - if it hampers your single most important opponent.

And what followed was simply incredible. Alonso's car failed and they said it was all cos he had to start lower down the order and push that much harder. But his fastest lap was more than half a second slower than Michael's. And thats a LOT in F1. If his car gives up before it is within half a second per lap of Michael, I dont think he had any hope of winning anyway.

Then they go on to claim the title has been decided around a table. The facts are - their car was not competitive this weekend and it failed to finish. Their car has been outperformed consistently and easily by Ferrari for several months now and the lead they had, has vanished slowly and steadily. But no, all this is irrelavant - they are losing the title only because of a 5-place starting penalty. Wat a load of bull crap I say!

Alonso then claims Schumi is unsporting and has been slapped with more penalties and sanctions by the FIA than anyone else ever. But he also claims the FIA helps him win championships. I dont get it - if they wanted him to win, why'd he have the most penalties?! Not only is Alonso being a bad loser, he's contradicting himself!

Schumi has been unsporting several times, but never denied it. He's also been punished unfairly the FIA a few times. But he's always answered them on the track. Not with disgraceful outbursts. I remember races where he was penalised and forced to start at the back in a tight title race. He never cribbed - just raced his head off and finished on the podium. Which is why he is loved and respected so much, and thats what great champions are all about. Alono will simply never get this - he doesnt have the mental bandwidth.

Raikkonen is another awesome driver. I liked him but was never much of a McLaren suporter. Now with Kimi going to Ferrari and Alonso goin to McLaren - the decision of 'who-to-support-after-Schumi' becomes a very easy one!

This has been a sad year - Zidane, Agassi, Schumi - legends i grew up watching have all retired. Fortunately, there are the Federers and the Raikkonen's to carry the torch forward. But somehow i dont think they have the charisma of the generation that is now fading into the limelight.

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