Feb 22, 2009

25 things...

So, I got 'tagged' by both Daddy-san and his wife on this one. It's doing the rounds on Facebook, and the rules force you to write 25 random things about yourself (that's a lot, even for me!), and to tag 25 (unfortunate) people who then have to do the same thing. It's damn annoying. I didn't have the patience to fully read others' notes, let alone writing one such note myself. But I've decided to test my patience, so here goes. (I'll try and make this interesting, but don't blame me if I fail).

1. I like to think I'm a very open person. So, I don't believe I have 25 things to tell people, that they wouldn't already know.
2. I love long, intellectual discussions and arguments with friends. Back in IIT, I used to spend entire nights on the hostel roof with some 4 friends - arguing over god's existence and suchlike.
3. I'm a very 'here and now' person when it comes to relationships. I don't keep in touch with people. I think this is a defense mechanism I developed during my childhood, as a result of dad's frequent transfers.
4. When I meet people after a gap as long as 10 years, I'd still behave as if we'd been meeting regularly till the day before. I don't take cognizance of the long period we'd have been out of touch, and that surprises some people.
5. In recent years, most people have viewed me as the 'wild, beer-guzzling, party-going bachelor'. It's a mirage. I've been doing that for lack of options. It's not who I am, nor who I want to be. They'll see soon.
6. I had like a dozen crushes in school, beginning in class 4. I don't think I ever spoke to any of them, but I still remember each one in vivid detail - including their birthdays. Yes, I am that guy.
7. I had a steady girlfriend from 2000-2005. I'm still not sure if letting her go was the right decision.
8. I avoided smoking all through college years, and started drinking booze only at B-school.
9. I quit my job at P&G with no offers in hand. I sat at home for 3 months, thinking through my career options and goals. My parents didn't know this. It was a tough time, and I don't think I could ever do that again.
10. Having said that, I must also say it helped a helluva lot. If people are confused or dissatisfied with their careers, I'd encourage them to take a complete break and think everything through.
11. I want to make CEO by age 35. I know it can't be a company like GE that early, and I wouldn't be satisified if it was a tiny setup (where I could basically use any designation I wanted). WNS R&A sounds like a reasonable target ;)
12. I hated 'the Fountainhead' when I first read it. But warmed to Ayn Rand's philosophy over the years. I've read nearly all her works, and consider Howard Roark my role model.
13. I am a closet nerd. I spend most of my time online, and a lot of my free time on Wikipedia. And I have a Universal Remote Control for 5 devices (TV, DVD ...) at home, and I've actually programmed some routines into it. And yes, I assemble my desktops myself - using specific parts purchased from different shops. 
14. I used to love comp programming. I know C,  C++, Java and VB quite well. I created computer games (using C++) in class 10. Between class 12 and college, I wrote a program that simulated the on-field behaviour of 21 football players (the user controls one player). In college, my gf liked playing snake on her cell-phone so I created a comp version in 1 day. I called it happy-train - coz the 'snake' was replaced by a chain of Yahoo Messenger smileys, and the smileys get happier as the chain becomes longer. (If anyone's interested, I can email it to you)
15. When I finished college, the IT bust happened, and being a programmer wasn't an appealing career choice. So I had to give up programming, and went to IIM,L instead.
16. Contrary to what most people believe, I love to travel. It's just that when they suggest places like Gokarna - I feel 'been there, done that'. Suggest an overseas trip and you'll see just how much I really like to travel.
17. Speaking of travel, I have serious plans of going to Bora Bora for my 5th or 10th wedding anniversary (as soon as I have enuf moolah) 
18. I want to have a baby-boy someday. I intend to name him Yash, send him to Doon School, and wish to see him grow up to be a celeb of some sort.
19. I am a perfectionist, and I strongly suspect I suffer from OCD
20. Few things enthuse me, and I convey an impression of being lazy and indifferent to most things. Thank god for that - coz when I do get excited, or take a liking to something, the OCD kicks in. 
21. I was brought up in an unusual environment - I had a lot of exposure to different kinds of people, many places and all sorts of activities - and a lot of freedom to explore. But there were also strict no-no's. As a result, I can handle just about any situation thrown at me, and would usually be very diplomatic.
22. I get annoyed by PETA and animal-lovers. People are dying of starvation and disease in 3rd world countries. In India, we have female foeticide, child labor, naxalism, farmer suicides... I just don't understand how animals' problems can take precedence over any of those, and I see such people as snobs/hypocrites with their priorities seriously f***ed up.
23. I also feel enraged when people cut queues, drive recklessly, evade tax, or chatter in cinema halls. Each of us owes some basic courtesies to other people - but in India most people don't get it. This may be the single strongest reason for me to leave this country someday.
24. I love music, and listen to it all the time. I still don't understand just what my preferences are and why, but some songs just 'connect' at a deep level.
25. I really believe the 'IIT-IIM' label defines me for people I don't know personally, and I don't mind that at all. That label, and IQ of 135, are a big deal.

Phew! That wasn't easy. But I managed :)

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