Jun 30, 2008

You've come a long way, baby...

(Caveat: Long back, I had published here, some chapters of the love story of a guy called Silo. The content was deemed inappropriate by some people. I realized my mistake and removed it soon thereafter, though it was already too late. Some bridges broke, and all attempts to re-build them have failed miserably. I'm not sure I should be doing this, but I'm now gonna write a lil more about Silo. Where he'd come from, and where all he's been since. Hence, the post title.

If anyone feels this post is inappropriate, please let me know)

Silo was the quintessential middle-class, non-metro guy. Growing up in a very disciplined environment, he developed a value system which nearly all would consider conservative/respectable. He'd NEVER had any female friends, let alone any flings or 'experiences'.

Then Silo went to college in a metro, and had his first relationship. His girlfriend and her friends were modern, outgoing, broad-minded and 'cool'. It was the first culture shock for Silo. These girls drank alcohol. Now, back where Silo came from - men drinking alcohol was 'not nice', and girls drinking alcohol would be a jaw-dropping shocker! In Silo's hostel, there were a couple of guys who had different female visitors every month, and didn't even bother closing doors/windows while they were 'doing stuff' with their visitors in their room. These guys were regarded as the 'studs around here'. Silo, till then, had thought being a stud was about Sports, Debates, Quizzes etc., apart from, of course, academic performance. However, seeing studs defined this way - at IIT Madras, of all places - shook the very foundation of his value system. It wasn't just him. Most of his pals came from smaller towns and even more conservative communities than he. By the time they finished college, most had done several things which they would neither have approved of, nor imagined themselves doing, when they'd joined. And they didn't regret a damn thing.

The next couple of years were spent in smaller cities, with smaller crowds, and few options available. So, nothing much happened. In fact, Silo began to 'settle down' and cook regularly.  He had almost gone back to where he'd come from, but he didn't want to. The 'metro' life seemed much more fun.

Then, the Big Bang(alore shift) happened. Life was going to take many, many twisted turns, and go where Silo had not possibly imagined...

A key player here was DaKatalyst. DK and Silo had both been the hard-working, education and career-focused types who'd never tried anything risque. But both had a spirit of adventure and egged each other on to live it up and try new, fun things. Both were in stressful jobs, and knew they only had about one year of such freedom and means, before marriage and other responsibilities entered the picture.

It all started with a sorta double-date. I say sorta, because none of the 4 actually considered it a 'date', though it was perilously close. 2 guys and 2 girls who were acquianted with each other, went to a lounge bar, and were soon the only 4 people dancing - nicely drunk! This was soon followed by a late-night home party. Now, where our fellas came from, late night parties with single guys and single girls in one house with no supervision was simply NOT done. People involved in such activities were considered to be people of questionable, if not loose, character. And it soon spiralled out of control. Not knowin what drinks could be mixed, and which ones should NOT, everyone got sloshed and started throwin up all over the place. The original plan was to have a few drinks, generally dance n enjoy a bit, and then the boys and girls were to sleep in separate rooms. That plan had gone out the 5th-floor window before any1 realized it. This freaked them out initially, but they realized there really was nothing wrong going on.

Not only did they survive, they thought they'd seen the worst and learnt. And so the party scene became regular. Soon, there were random guests who's names weren't known to the host. Soon, there were parties where truth & dare was played. Role plays happened, with each involving some awkward situations that had something to do with sex. And soon, people who shouldn't have kissed each other, did just that.

In the midst of all this, DK left town and got married. But Silo's journeys continued. He had some trips abroad, and saw things he hadn't imagined, up really close. Some other shit happened along the way, which will not be revealed here.

The problem is - Silo's confused where he stands morally. While he was living with his parents, and even a few years later, he would have frowned upon many things - including parties where people get hammered, or smoking. Even now, when he visits his home, he becomes that person. But lots has changed. In the City, just about anything goes. Everyone is cool with most of it. Silo enjoys being a part of it all, and can not find it in him to resent what goes on, or judge the people around him who do it. It's the way of the world. He knows it, accepts it, and even enjoys it.

Yet, deep down, sometimes... there are voices that say 'this is wrong'


  1. ummm ... quite interesting [;)]

  2. well written!!! Interesting stuff to think abt....

  3. Well written, as always...its funny I never read so many blogs you wrote. It is also funny that I am a part of so many of them, lol. Feels like I am going back in time:) As far as I am aware of, whatever you have spoken about in this blog was very harmless and pure fun. Obviously things are different when you come to a city like Bangalore, and everyone gets cultural shocks...I got my share of them ;)My take on this is, if one can strike a balance... hold on to your values yet enjoy life every moment, its all good! Easier said than done, but possible

  4. Hey Shin. Yes, you do appear in quite a few. I hadn't realized that myself!
    Anywe - if you read carefully, you'll notice that 'nothing wrong was really goin on' at the time you were there, so you are right about it all 'being harmless n pure fun'. But you weren't always there and you don't know everything that happened later - I'll jus leave it at that ;)
    And this piece is basically about culture shocks - some small n some bigger, but no permanent damage. So, its all cool, and we agree as usual :)