Dec 23, 2007

General Weekend TP

1. Came across this blog - Destination Infinity. Only 3-4 posts, so read the whole thing in one sitting. Its a refreshingly different an interesting read. Take a look.

2. Saw 'Jab we met'. Nice movie. Almost-believable story, good music, good acting, and good punjabi touches ;) No one could have done the good-boy role better than Shahid. No one could have done the loud-gal better than Kareena. And no one could have done dar-ji better than Dara Singh! But i still dont like Kareena (too loud, and unconventional looks)

3. Finished Season 3 of Boston Legal. It's not an easily likeable program. But it gets you hooked once you get 'into' the plot and characters. Smart, funny and serious - all in good measures.

4. Went to Fuga. Now even Fuga's crowded - like all other discs in Blore (save, perhaps, Taika). Sheesh

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