Oct 8, 2007

General shit

Too tired to sort my thoughts out, or to bother about writing style. Just noting some random things i wanted to write about:

1. Politics. First, some sad behen-ji was elected as President of the country. Now the JD(S) and Gowda renege on their power-sharing pact with the BJP. It's just disgusting. With options like these, it's best to never bother voting.

2. F1. Though I support Ferrari, I have grudging respect for McLaren. But I've never seen McLaren screw up on pit strategy as they did with Lewis today. Even though I want him to win the Championship, the prospect of a final race with 3 guys in the fray for the Championship is simply mouth-watering.

3. De-Stress. This was the first weekend in more than a month when i did NOT have my mind cluttered with thoughts of office and work. The first real party we've had since Jo left. Nice.

4. Pandu's book. Though I haven't got my hands of a copy of Joker in the pack as yet, I'm really happy for Pandu and looking forward to read his work.

More later.

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  1. hi doggy.. finally you wrote... kya kiya party mein... i am in london and bloody sick of it.. thankfully back on sat.. if it were in my hands.. would take the flight now... just tired... anyways... my mail is gaurav.juneja@lehman.com. reply thr.. will be good to chat...lots to chat - pandu's book, general bak c