Aug 12, 2007

Wats wrong with Dravid?

This post refers to this Test match. India bowled England out, and had a lead of 319 at the end of the first innings. By enforcing the follow-on, India would have absolutely eliminated the possibility of losing this match (and allowing England to tie the series). This would also be the best strategy for actually winning the match.

In stead, Dravid chose NOT to enforce the follow on. The problem with this - England will have a definite target to chase for victory. As difficult as it could possibly be, at least they would know exactly what they'd need to do. And - India would have less time to bowl England out for a win. Especially if there are any rain delays. This scenario is EXACTLY what ENgland would want, and is definitely the worst choice India could make. I can see no reason to support Dravid's decision, except possibly the desire to give the bowlers some rest.

Now, the bowlers have only been in the field for less than 4 sessions, which India have dominated. If India squanders the best opportunity they've had to win an Away series in decades, because they chose to let the bowlers rest, rather than doing what was required to win, this bunch should be lynched and hanged at a public place.

This post explains how and why a true fan is supposed to support his team through tough times, and I agree with the author. But a line has to be drawn. If the team is making an honest effort against good opposition or in difficult circumstances, you support them. There is no sense in supporting fools commiting harakiri.

For the record, India is 13/3 as I finish writing this. For the first time in weeks, it is beginning to look like they may (just may) not win this series. DAMN!

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