Jan 29, 2007

Sporty Posty

It's been a while since i wrote about sports. This HAD to happen after watching Fed's demolition of A-Rod.

I'd bet money on Roddick beating Federer on current form. WTF was i thinking? This is Roger Federer we are talking about. A-Rod would be introspecting now. "Mommy, why, WHY did u tell me to take up tennis for a living? Someone shoulda warned me I'd run into Him!"

I used to wonder - what is the big deal about this guy? He seems to play fairly normal stuff, the opponents just give up and the commentators seem to make a big deal out of it. It was only when Fed had an off-day, and both he and his opponent made mistakes, did i realize tennis is difficult. And it's his greatness - that he makes it look so elegantly simple.

This year has been sad. Lotsa legends i've been admiring since time immemorial faded into sunset this year. Schumi, Zidane, Agassi, Warne... all my favorites from every sport i watch

However, I'm sure the new order beckons. Kimi, Federer... the fan within me shall be re-born soon

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