Dec 20, 2006


The Indian team is back among victories. Ya ya, i know its just one win, it doenst really prove anything. But it WAS a comprehensive win, with the team doing well in all departments. And as fans, we are supposed to track and cheer their progress. And not become cynical and critical. Here's the argument

I'm gonna gloat - coz the changes I'd favored in this post have mostly been implemented - and they have worked. I was wondering why Kumble and Laxman were out of the team when the alternatives available were the likes of Dinesh Mongia. They've come back, and promptly made a difference. Zak has been playing like a man possessed, and has proved he belongs in this team as the spearhead. Sreesanth has performed and provided great entertainment. That's the kind of passionate display we wanna see - not the team struggling spinelessly and getting bowled out in less than 50 overs every time.

Dada's back. I was rather indifferent to this development and still am. Will wait and see if he can focus on the play and be professional. If he can, damn good. There is no doubt about his ability, but about his mental state and approach to playing for India. However, I do feel he should be captain if he's in the team. He's a much better captain than anyone else. The only reason he was removed was lack of batting form. If he's in the team and his batting isnt questioned, he might as well lead the team.

Now if these guys keep playing with pride & responsibility, and Yuvraj and Munaf get back into the team, I say India can win the WC. I'll be cheering anway

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