Oct 13, 2006

F1 Update

Background: Schumacher needs to win the Brazilian Grand Prix with Fernando Alonso finishing out of the top eight in order to secure the World championship. This is his last race before he retires.

Schumacher's formal stand: "To be honest, I don't think there's any chance left for the championship," he said after the race (the last race in Japan)
"We all know that Fernando only needs one point now. To assume that someone will not finish, or to plan on winning (the championship) on something like that, isn't a basis that I want to build upon. I've digested it already," he insisted.

Reactions: Former world champion Damon Hill said: "Michael said he's not thinking about the championship now - that's baloney. He never gives up."
"Don't ever write that guy off. He's going to go into that last race thinking 'how can I win this and Alonso not score anything?' That's the way he's going to approach it. Otherwise he's not Michael Schumacher."

Smoochy's stand: Hmmm. Interesting. We will look forward to this race, licking our lips in anticipation. Hope its not an action-less damp squib, like F1 usually is.


  1. You know Schumi-he just can't give up even if he wants to. This is going to be a good race. Even if he doesn't win the championship, he is gonna give us a race to remember. Sadly, F1 will never be the same for old school followers like us :( We followed legends.

  2. Well, i dont quite agree with that. I AM looking forward to the next season - Kimi vs Alonso.

    I like Kimi Raikkonen. I think he's a better driver than anyone else around, just hasnt got the support required from the team. Ferrari should be able to give him that.

    And Alonso is as good a driver and much more dislike-able than Hakkinen was. Its like the good ol days, and i'd love to see Kimi kick Alonso's black McLaren ass with some red Ferrari boot!

    Of course, it will take Kimi a while to match the status of Schumacher. But Ill be watching anyway.