Aug 29, 2006

NOT Love Actually...

Heres a very logical, scientific and very unromantic look at the attraction between opposite sexes. All this talk of love and all is bullshit I say.

As usual, this is not simply what I feel. Im no expert on anything and never claim to know something y'all dont. I just read some stuff u may have missed, and write it here!

Men and women get attracted to each other for different reasons. Men, by nature, are promiscuous and territorial. They look at a hot/smart girl as territory they'd like to 'conquer'. Thats why they show off. That's why they are protective and jealous. And that is why they stray. Its like - ok, i own this piece of territory now. What more can i have? And obviously, they dont expect 'existing territory' to leave them if they try to conquer more. Territory once conquered is to be taken for granted.

Women, on the other hand, are genetically programmed to seek the best 'seed'. They want their man to be smart, intelligent and capable of cutting it in the big bad world. The assumption is, the child who has his genes, will also do well for itself. Which is why a girl is more likely to date a rich geek, than a guy is to date a smart-but-not-hot girl. Also, why do women like their man to have an emotional quotient? Simple. They feel such a person would protect them and their child, and can be relied on.

Learnings: Love is a load of crap. There are deep, sub-conscious but very real 'needs' that drive the attraction between couples.

If you are a guy - you should look manly enough to produce a healthy child, be smart enough to earn enough (and produce a smart kid who can earn enough), and sensitive enough for your woman to trust you with her all.

If you are a gal, you just have to look hot. Advice to hot women: He IS a territorial animal. Read above what all a guy has to be, to be perfect. Its a lot. You were probably born hot and didnt have to do anything until now to be perfect. Now is ur turn - let him be, and make him feel good about himself.

Considering that the expectations are so different, its amazing relationships work out at all! If you are in one, cherish it.


  1. Anonymous7:01 PM

    man smooch.. kya ho gay yaar.. itni maar on pyaar???


  2. lemme clarify.. this was NOT about love at all.. (hv edited)

    Love is an emotional thing, much higher-level and complex. This was just about attraction - mainly physical, and about genetic makeup

    i may not be a gr8 fan of love, but im not bitter either