May 20, 2006


After a bad 'false start' to my career, it now seems that the 'course correction' is done. Not to demean my last job. I have great respect for my previous employer and the role had its challenges and opportunities. But it was not the role for me, nor was I the person for it. Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish.

Read this post from Louis (pronounced loo-ee) and got thinking. I echo some of his sentiments about 'chasing after dreams' and 'running cos u r used to' beyond a point. I hope my next job and most of what I do later also feels worthwhile, and that there is satisfaction and a sense of purpose at the end of long, tiring days. Have heard several ppl i know, talk like that in the last few days.

On the 'long, tiring days' - my reaction is lukewarm. I've got everything i wanted in life with some effort, but never too much. Am yet to find something that requires huge effort and is worth it. 'Getting down to work seriously toward a goal' is a milestone in the journey into adulthood that I should have reached some time back. I hope to get there very soon, and to find myself prepared for it (and enjoying it?).

Here's to new beginnings, and new-found hope...

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