Apr 23, 2006

Generation Y

An extract from Kotler - Marketing Memo on 'Generation Y'

The following traits are often ascribed to Gen Y:

  • Optimism and big expectations from the future
  • An obsession with achievement
  • technology savvy
  • Greater acceptance of racial and ethnic differences
  • Media savvy
  • Busy schedules
  • higher levels of stress
  • A heigthened ability to multitask
  • A strong sense of community and teamwork
  • A wish to make money but a need to give back
  • Emphasis on immediate gratification
  • Suspicion of advertising

    Somehow I found this depressing. I thought some of these things were part of my identity, only to discover that they were genaral traits of a 'segment'. Its a 'lost in the crowd' kind of feeling which I found disturbing.

    But it also strengthened my belief in the power of market research/analytics, and my desire to make a career in the same. Hope it works out - I really dont want a 'sell soap' or a 'sell asset products' job.

    Also, Gen Y is a pun. We are also 'Generation Why' - because we question the basis of everything, and do not accept norms and conventional wisdom just because we are told so. Gen Y includes people born between 1977 and 1990 (I dont understand why 77, and not 76, 78, or the nice, round 80).

    My own term for what follows is 'generation SMS'. At least in India, I think SMSing changed the way people communicate, and a whole lot of other, related things that great 'thought leaders' can discuss in detail and depth. Somehow SMS didnt become 'big' in the West or too many other places, but in India it is huge!

    Trivia: I also discovered while typing this post that i can type without looking at the keyboard (wow!). For the record, the error is <5% and usually only 1 char left or right, usually left!

    The Anti-Gandhi post - it will happen! Just need some free time, and some clarity on the job scene first :p
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